founded March 2014
updated April 2014

Bad Warrior Curly Horse Preservation Project

Seekers Warrior

Mission Statement

We believe that the purer the Warrior bloodline, the better the Curly Horse. We believe that the typier the Curly Horse (using the standards of today's stock horse, or ranch horse, or athletic foundation Quarter Horse) added to the existing Curly Horse traits, the more true to type for the Warrior bloodline. The mission statement for this collaboration is to work together to effectively preserve and restore adequate numbers of high quality breeding Bad Warrior (Eli Bad Warrior, Berndt and Ernest Hammrich bloodline) Curly Horses for posterity, by breeding more numbers of higher quality Warrior horses, and getting them out in the public eye, competing successfully with other ranch and stock horse breeds.

This Preservation Project program is founded and loosely directed by Donna Grace Vickery, and self-administered by all participants. It is an invitation-only, wholly at-will, membership-style cooperative. Projects for the future will work toward restoring and preserving what is left of the Bad Warrior bloodline. This would include preserving and breeding the existing Warrior horses - with enough linebreeding to restore ample numbers of breeding Warrior horses - and enough judicious outcrossing to establish a wide enough genetic variability in the population to safely increase the numbers of these stockhorse type Curlies. These efforts would require mutual education, awareness, and focus on highest quality conformation and athletic ablity, along with uncompromised preservation of the core Curly Horse traits all good Warrior horses maintain (good bone, good foot, sensible, calm, willing, intelligent temperaments, and their curls and hypoallergenicity). At the discretion of participating members, resources and situations, such projects could include:

  • cooperative breeding projects
  • cooperative semen collection & storage
  • cooperative ova - embryo collection & storage
  • formation of stallion syndicates
  • formation of mare syndicates
  • cooperative leasing
  • collective horse rescue and fostering
  • horse transport
  • layover, short-term or long-term boarding
  • networking and problem solving
  • collaborate with Curly Horse Marketing Co-op
  • public display, education
  • inspections, clinics
  • training, rides, showing, competing (open ranch, stockhorse classes, roping, etc.)
  • forming western or stockhorse division of Curly Horse registry


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Bad Warrior Preservation

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